The Red Tent Circle Facebook Group


What the group offers…

  • Are you looking for a community of women to connect and share in an authentic way?

  • Are you feeling out of synch with yourself and your body, and looking for a way to be more in touch with yourself and your gifts as a woman?

  • Are you looking for guidance on how to create a life based on soul connection, trusting your intuition, and honouring your feminine nature?



What you receive

The Red Tent Circle facebook group offers a safe, nurturing, sacredly held space to come together as women.

  • Monthly New Moon live video circle with me guiding you through a sacred meditation and discussion around a theme relating to the astrological sign the Moon is in that month.

  • An invitation to participate in an activity, guided by me, that will inspire and nurture your inner growth.

  • Monthly Full moon rituals posted in the group, only for members. These rituals are simple ways to anchor the work you are doing to honour your sacred feminine aspects, and bring your gifts out to the world!

  • Weekly sharing and conversations around topics pertinent to women and how to stay in synch with our true nature.


Monthly subscriptions are $7.
Get 1 month free if paid annually for $77.

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Red Tent Group Payment Options

“A space to be you!”

Be held in a sacred space where you and other women like you
can feel safe to be yourself.


How will this benefit you?

You will immediately: 

  • Feel more connected through the community

  • Re-discover the benefits of being in harmony with your cyclical nature

  • Journey through the lunar calendar year with clarity and vision

  • Be held in a powerful energetic field

  • Be connected to other like-minded women

  • Make a commitment to your own self care needs by participating in the rituals, exercises, sharing and oracle readings



Women have spoken

I didn’t realize I was growing as it happened, the process was so gentle, but I find I am different now that I have attended Red Tent circle for over a year. I am softer and more open, more comfortable with my feminine strength.
— M.S.
I look forward to it every month. The rhythm of the moon and our meetings, give me something to anchor myself when life seems crazy busy.
— M.K.
Thank you for your community and gathering place. I always leave your place peaceful.
— Jen
Bless you for the atmosphere you impart and the wisdom and attitude to go with it.
— J.H.

Monthly subscriptions are $7.
Get 1 month free if paid annually for $77.

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Red Tent Group Payment Options


"My gift to you for joining the Red Tent Circle"

The Women’s Circle Ritual Handbook

My friend Tanya Lynn, the founder of Sistership Circle International, has brought together 20+ powerful facilitators to gift you simple but powerful rituals that you can use in your own sacred ceremony or in a women’s circle.

I am so excited about this project because I contributed one of my favorite rituals on alchemical transformation of your shadow. It is so potent and powerful that you can shift old patterns that have been holding you back in life, in a very short time.



These rituals will have you feel deeply connected with yourself and sisterhood, invoking self-love, forgiveness, wisdom, clarity, confidence and more!


The Red Tent Circle

The Red Tent is a traditional place that women would gather during their time of bleeding. They would step out of the business of everyday life, and sit together in a space where they could just be themselves. Today, women are recreating this soul nourishing tradition, to meet at the New moon of each month, and share space with each other.

It is a co-created time, all women sharing from their heart as much or as little as they choose. I have a theme for each gathering, based on what I intuitively feel needs to be addressed, and on the astrological sign that the moon is in for the time we meet.

In our unique, online Red Tent women’s group, we will meet in a virtual circle at a set time each month. I will post questions and prompts to the group feed, to prepare for our time together. There will be opportunities to share with other members of the group, and other activities and wisdom shared throughout the month.

Any body who identifies as female is welcome. This is not meant to exclude other genders, but only to allow for safety and sharing for women. I feel this is something women need in order to be fully present and alive in other aspects of our lives. Please consider this a personal invite to join the group, I would love to have you in the circle.

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Monthly subscriptions are $7.
Get 1 month free if paid annually for $77.

Red Tent Group Payment Options

Why I Circle

I began a journey over a decade ago. I had gone as far down a path of patriarchal religion as I could go, and I had somehow lost my divine feminine connection along the way. Things seemed dry, meaningless and practices that I had perfected over many years no longer fed my soul.

My journey back to myself, my true nature, as a woman, began with a pilgrimage. I went with a group of spiritual seekers to the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico City, and my heart was opened again. The path of the divine feminine, one of the gentlest but most powerful spiritual paths, unfolded before me.

I followed my intuition and through many practices, I was led to learn about the ritual of Red Tent. An ancient practice for women to come together in circle and share wisdom and space. To explore everything that it means to be a woman, to be held in that energy, and to be proud of what we bring to the world.

I went on to train as a facilitator of Women’s Red Tent circles, and have been holding them, in my house,  every New Moon time for the past three years. The women who have come and stayed, committing to the monthly cycle, have become my sisters. We are able to be present for each other in a deep and unique way.

I believe women’s circles can change the way we show up in the world. We share the collective feminine perspective much further than we think, when we set the intention to sit in circle with each other. No longer competing, stepping on each other’s toes, we find our compassion and understanding. We challenge each other to rise out of old patterns, victimhood, limiting beliefs and co-create a new way.

This is why I circle.


Ailsa Keppie
Red Tent facilitator


Join the circle of sisters already creating and sharing together in the Red Tent Circle Facebook Group. You only need a Facebook account and the intention to share from your heart, to join.

Subscribe by clicking the link and filling in your details. There is a small monthly charge of only $7, or a one-time annual fee of $77 (includes 1 free month). You may unsubscribe at any time if you feel the circle is not serving you.

Monthly subscriptions are $7.
Get 1 month free if paid annually for $77.

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Red Tent Group Payment Options