Feel the deal, the way to heal

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Apologies for the bad rhyme, but this struck me as true on many levels. In our personal lives, and even in whole societies, we have trained ourselves not to feel. It could almost be said that modern culture is ‘narcissistic’ in that we have made such a complete split between mind and body, or thinking and feeling.

We are constantly offered ways to distract ourselves from feeling.

‘Buy this new car and ‘feel’ better’

‘Try this new pill, and have no pain’

‘Go on this vacation and forget all your troubles’

But our society as a whole is even more dysfunctional and unhappy than ever before. So maybe we have been following the wrong path.

Recently, a small but growing group of people have been exploring or rediscovering the connections between these different aspects of our ‘selves’. Finding that our feelings are as important as our thoughts in helping us transcend the pain and dissociation of our modern life.

So, how do we learn to feel? It may seem like a simple question, but our lack of body awareness can make this simple act almost impossible to pursue without help. How do we begin?

I usually love to bring people’s awareness to their body, by reminding them of the basic 5 senses. Hearing, smelling, tasting, touch, seeing. These are the main ways we take in information from the world. We are constantly processing these inputs, however taking the time to become conscious of them again, can make a huge difference to our ability to deal with what comes up in our life.

When we take our awareness back to the basics of the sensory input, we can let go of the thoughts, stories and past beliefs we overlay onto all of our experiences. Most of the time, our ability to deal with the ups and downs of life, relies on us being able to be present to what is happening in the moment. Paying attention to what we are seeing, or what sounds we can hear, or the touch of our clothes on our skin, can help us be in this space.

As a bodyworker, I know that the only way to heal any type of pain or block in the body, is to feel it. Much of my work with people on the table is to help them feel what sensations are there right now. Bringing their mind back to the body and what they are feeling is the key. This helps us deal with what is actually present and work through it, rather than making up a story about why things are the way they are. Which, let’s face it, just keeps us reliving the same old stories again and again.

So, take some time to feel the wind in your hair, notice the colours of the flowers, or hear the birds sing. Not just because it is calming, but because it brings you into the present moment. Then notice your body with the same attention. What are you feeling, right here, right now?

How can your body become your ally in your healing process?

Somatic coaching helps you do exactly this, be present, feel your feelings, and deal with your life in a more embodied and grounded way.

Sound like something you want to try?

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In pleasure,