What is somatic sex education?

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Now that I am almost finished my studies in this new modality, I thought I’d share some thoughts on why this is such an exciting field to be working in.

Somatic Sex education is a way of integrating all aspects of our body, mind and spirit, including our sexuality, to embrace our innate wholeness. As human beings, we have a need for touch, connection and intimacy that goes beyond the superficial material constructs of today’s western culture.

Covering aspects of embodied ethics, integrative views on transforming the patriarchal power structure inherent in our world, and using pleasure and the power of choice and voice to guide our journey; a somatic sex educator can help you recreate a life you are in love with.

Somatic Sex education goes beyond talk therapy to incorporate our body’s wisdom, re-calibrate our nervous system, and engage our soul and spirit in our healing. It can be especially effective for trauma recovery, reconnection with our true self, and expanding the possibilities for desire, joy and ecstasy to be more present in our every day experience.

This modality works with individuals, couples and groups to expand the experience of being erotically alive in a way that feels personally and collectively empowering and overcomes the separation, marginalization and abuse that plague our social experiences in the modern world.

It is one of the most comprehensive and fulfilling modalities available at the present time.

A typical session might include:

  • Working on finding your voice and communicating your boundaries with individual and partner exercises inspired by Bioenergetics and physical theatre techniques

  • Exploring what you would say a full YES to in your sex life using art, expressive movement and sensory awareness

  • Learning to empower and ground in your body so that you can feel the full spectrum of sensation and emotion, with breathwork, archetypal stories, and inner child work

  • Transforming intense sensations and pain and overcoming obstacles to pleasure, orgasm and intimacy through exploring what feels good to your unique body

  • Body coaching and somatic awareness guidance around solo and partner sexual activities, including advice about practices and assistance with purchasing toys and equipment

  • Client led sensual bodywork to expand your repertoire of pleasure and arousal possibilities

  • Trauma-informed somatic exercises to give you the tools to heal from sexual, or other types of abuse using TRE (Trauma releasing exercises) and psychosomatic coaching

  • Knowledgeable and compassionate hands on guidance to enhance your personal journey to experiencing a full sexual life including masturbation coaching and genital mapping

Somatic Sex educators are trained to work alongside, and provide necessary support, to traditional and alternative health practitioners in dealing with issues such as:

  • low or no sexual desire

  • Early ejaculation

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Preorgasmia

  • Dyspareunia (painful sex)

  • Vaginismus

  • Delayed ejaculation

  • Sexual inhibitions

  • Body dysphoria

  • Social/ dating skills

  • Sexual trauma

  • PTSD

  • Desire for enhanced pleasure

  • Lack of communication in partnerships

  • Imbalanced sexual desire within couple relationships

Do you see why I’m so excited to share?

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I look forward to connecting

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