The pleasure of water

The Pleasure of Water.png

So this blog post is probably influenced by the fact that I am sitting on the deck in what feels like a heat wave. Summer has finally arrived and the temperature is really only good for one thing, swimming!

I have found myself waking early and instead of feeling disgruntled that I couldn’t sleep, I have begun going to the local lake and swimming.

Aside from the beauty of nature, the fact that no one else is around, and that I get to see the early morning mist rising from the water, I will share a discovery with you.

There is nothing so divine as to swim topless in a lake and feel the water supporting a part of our body we usually cover up and hide. Free the boobs!

Now, I’m not really a big fan of going topless in general, nothing against people who love it, but I find my boobs uncomfortably heavy after a couple of hours. My neck hurts and I long for some support for my girls. But in water…. Wow!… completely different experience.

The rippling of the water moving over the skin is delicious, and the buoyancy they have in the water feels amazing. My own personal flotation devices permanently attached to my pectoral muscles. I’m hooked.

My relationship with my boobs has been rocky, I’m not going to lie. They arrived too early in my life, and I had to wear a bra before all my friends, which was super embarrassing at sleepovers. They sort of behaved and stayed small enough that I could get away without wearing a bra under my leotard in dance school, I liked them well enough.

After 4 babies, and 8 years of breastfeeding though, I felt like they were barely my own flesh and blood. They hadn’t really been mine for years, and as for pleasure, forget it! I just wanted everyone to leave them alone.

During my training as an intimacy educator I undertook a month long exploration of how my breasts wanted to be touched. It was eye-opening to see how different they felt every day. Some days they wanted light stroking, on other days, they wanted to be lifted up and shaken. Every day was its own exploration.

Recently I have been doing research for a new course on Breast massage and my interest has been re-ignited. I am curious to explore more about these amazing parts of ourselves. Parts we have traditionally either hidden away, or over sexualized.

I mean, did you know that breasts are actually glands? They make and secrete milk into ducts that feed our babies. How amazing is that? I know we all learn these things, possibly use our breasts to nurse, enjoy the look of them in the right clothes, enjoy the stimulation they provide to our intimate play, but how often do we sing their praises for ourselves?

More often I hear people unhappy with their boobs, trying to fix them, afraid they are cancerous, or other negative thoughts and feelings. So this is what I found so wonderful about swimming topless.

My boobs felt amazing, and it was just sensual pleasure, with no strings attached.

Finding these pleasures for yourself is eye-opening and a path to self discovery that is fun and uplifting. Who doesn’t need more pleasure in their lives?

Interested to explore what feels great to your body?

As a Somatic Sex Educator this is one of my favourite things to do with clients. Pleasure is a basic human right. To find out more about booking a session or if you have any questions, book a free 30 minute consult with me by going to my website and scheduling a time.

Wishing you more pleasure,