Keeping a pleasure journal could help you stay happier!

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For decades we have heard advice from therapists, friends and coaches.

Write in a journal - every day - and increase your productivity, your understanding and improve your mental health. So what about using this time tested technique for increasing your pleasure?

I recently heard this idea from a friend and was struck by the idea of using a daily journal to document moments of pleasure that I experience. What a wonderful way to cherish and remember those glittering moments.

Too often, we feel fleeting pleasure, but it is short-lived, and we are plunged back into the business and overwhelm that constitutes so much of our modern day lives. We forget about that moment of joy, bliss or pleasure and at the end of the day, we feel like we haven’t felt as good as we wanted to.

Enter, the PLEASURE JOURNAL, a small book or note taking device where we actually stop and document our moments of pleasure. If you already keep a journal, perhaps adding a little note at the bottom of the page about some small blissful experience would add that extra spark to your writing.

How wonderful to flip through pages of sparkling moments of joy. I know I would smile just remembering those moments.

Let’s practice, right now!

Yes, I mean it, get a pen, or grab your tablet and write down one thing that brought you pleasure today.

Was it the little dog you saw at the park that couldn’t wait to nose its way up to your leg and say hello?

Was it the feel of the sun on your cheek as you poked your head out of the door to see what the weather was like today?

Perhaps it was rolling over in bed and feeling your lover’s body next to you and having a moment of feeling connected before starting your day.

Whatever it is, it is worth documenting!

Why? You ask?

Because what we get more of what we focus on. So if we focus on our to do list, our grumpy colleagues, the amount of traffic on the roads these days… we get more of all those annoying experiences. BUT, if we focused on the joys, pleasures and glimmers of good feelings throughout our day, we would get more of those!

Isn’t that worth a couple of minutes to commit your pleasures to the page?

I am definitely going to try it!

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