The Madonna and the sacred prostitute


I’ve been fascinated for a long time with these two seemingly opposing feminine archetypes. Here in the west, we are often schooled from a young age, to love the Madonna, virgin woman, archetype and to reject the whore or sexual side of the feminine.

What does this do to our psyche? This denial of erotic juiciness.

I have seen countless women who complain of feeling less alive than they would like, less connected to their bodies, and even numb from the waist down. To me, this is not something we should just lay down and accept.

I have heard this Madonna/ whore split described as a break in our chakras between the lower chakras, relating more to the physical body; and the upper ones, which relate more to our spiritual side. In honouring only the spiritual side of our feminine aspect, we decrease our ability to be grounded and fully alive to our potential pleasure.

Not only does our culture promote this split, in so many insidious ways, but we reinforce this split in ourselves in a desperate attempt to be loved, recognized or accepted.

Do you remember a time you had to choose between being seen as “good” or “pious” and being the “rebel” or “bad girl”? I think most of us can think of a few times where this came up in our lives. Personally, I felt this as an impossible choice.

And really… why should we have to choose?

What if we have been duped into thinking we could be only one thing or the other?

What if we could reconnect our head and our body and finally feel whole? Doesn’t that sound deliciously pleasurable?

Bringing sexuality out of the shadows, out of the ‘naughty’ box and reinstating it where it belongs, as part of our total humanness, would go a long way towards allowing the healing to happen.

This is not an easy task. There is so much guilt, shame, old stories and religious teachings binding up our pleasure, that it can feel like a tangled mess. We don’t know where to start.

We may be afraid that pulling on one string, will only tighten the knots and make the tangle even more unbearable. If we rock the boat, we will suffer more, our mind (and sometimes our partners, friends, bosses, advertising) tells us.

But if you are feeling the call, and the voice won’t be overcome any longer, now is the time!

There are ways to begin gently teasing apart the threads of belief that have bound up the feminine for so long. And incidentally, this split has also harmed the masculine also. There is no balance, no yin to match the yang, no wholeness of sacred woman and sexy goddess that can bring out the higher qualities of the masculine.

We all lose, if this split is maintained. The only way to weave ourselves back together, is to accept and love all parts of ourself.

So this is a call out to people who are ready to work on healing, on wholeness, and on finding deeper pleasure and joy than you thought possible.

Somatic awareness brings our mind and body together once again. Through finding pleasure and following it throughout our own body, we begin to know what it is to feel whole again, and alive.

Ready to take the first step? Want to have an experienced pleasure guide?

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In pleasure,