Move Those Hips!

Move those hips april 18 2019.png

How much do you move when you’re making love?

Are your movements free and uninhibited or do you feel kind of locked up or immobile?

There is a reason belly dancing is considered so erotic, the ability to move our hips has a lot to do with how much we can feel what’s going on ‘down there’. If you notice you’ve been lying there passively, stuck in a rut with your movements, or just want to try and find some exciting new connections to your pelvis.. read on…!

A wonderful experiment to try, either on your own or with a partner, is called ‘erotic dancing’. This doesn’t mean the kind you see at a strip club, necessarily (although if you want to give that a go, I will cheer you on!). I am talking about just finding some movement while you are finding your arousal.

A good way I like to start this, is by putting some music on, and moving my hips in a circle or a figure eight. I usually feel instantly sexy when I make these movements, and a smile arises on my face.

If your partner wants to stand in front or behind you and put their hands on your hips as you move, you may find you hit your sexy groove even more quickly! You could take turns, one person moving and one person touching, so you both get the energy flowing into your hips.

We often get in the habit of only having sex in bed, horizontally, lying down. This can be very constricting to our body, as we aren’t always free to move the way we feel in the moment. So take your foreplay from standing up! Slow and sensuous or fast and exciting, make the movements your body wants to make.

I find my hips have different moods, just the way my head does. Sometimes I want to walk slowly and elegantly, sometimes, bump and grind, and occasionally I just want to shake it out! I do always find that moving my hips and getting in touch with the mood of my pelvis is a wonderful way to begin any erotic session.

So go ahead! Put on some tunes.. shake your booty. See what that does to your energy and desire.

Do you feel more turned on?

More adventurous?

More confident in your body?

Maybe less stressed?  

Let me know how that spices up your next erotic encounter.

Stay curious. See what your body wants. Check in with yourself.

These ways of staying connected to ourselves and what our body wants, whether we are in a relationship or not, is crucial if we want to experience more pleasure. These connections are things we work on together if you are interested in expanding and enlivening your current experience.

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In pleasure and anticipation,