Take 5

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Are you feeling like life is going too fast?

Maybe you are struggling to stay inspired through the cold, winter months?

Perhaps you have a niggling feeling that you need to make a change in your life, or begin a new project?

This very quick body-centred inquiry is the perfect way to reconnect with yourself and your inner desires. So find a quiet place, take a deep breath and join me for a few minutes.

Take a moment to ground yourself in your body. Notice the outline of your skin and the slight pressure of air around it, or the clothes you are wearing. Experience the firmer pressure of your chair, or the ground beneath your feet.

Breathe and notice ‘Can you sense hope in your body?’ Where? How does your body experience that hope? Is it a release or expansion? Perhaps there is a tightness or knot of anticipation or excitement?

What specific hopes accompany these sensations? The chance to heal? To be free of the burden of depression, anxiety or trauma? The hope of living a bigger, deeper more pleasure-filled life?

Take mental note of this and then move on to the next visualization.

Do you experience fear in your body? If so, where? How does it manifest? As tightness? A painful resistance? As a dead, hard spot?

Then ask yourself what worries accompany the fear? Are you afraid your life will be different in ways you can’t predict or control? Are you afraid of facing pain?

Sometimes the feelings of fear or even dread, and excitement feel very similar in your body. Often these mixed feelings herald the winds of change in your life. What pictures appear in your mind as you experience both the fear and the anticipation?

If your body feels both hopeful and afraid, congratulations! You are just where you need to be for what comes next……

Sometimes we absolutely know what needs to come next. Deep down, there is that voice that keeps saying “come on, you need to move, you need to deal with this”. Sometimes, it is not so clear, we just know that something is up. Trying to figure it all out can be exhausting and we can end up chasing our own tails, instead of coming to any great insights.

So how do we move through these feelings with ease and grace?

The body is a wonderful guide. Working with the wisdom of the body can unlock and free our mind and spirit. Integrating all aspects of ourselves allows us to heal, to find our power, and to be fully present to our experiences. The possibility of pleasure, joy and peaceful feelings can arise.

Do you want to be free of physical pain?

Do you want to enjoy sex and intimacy more?

Do you want to lessen the hold of anxiety, depression or PTSD?

Do you want to be fully present in your relationships?

These are just a few of the benefits my clients have experienced through working with me. Somatic coaching is a profound opportunity of connection.

If you are interested to learn more, book a free 30 minute consult. We can get clear about your unique goals and intentions, and create a plan to move forward, with both hope and trepidation!


In pleasure