Making time to explore your body fosters your feelings of self worth


So I have focussed on relationships a lot recently, and I thought I’d take the opportunity, as we begin a new year, to look at how we relate to our own body.

Many people come through the holidays feeling worn out and run down from all the socializing and merriment. So much focus on family, friends and loved ones leaves me wondering, how about just spending time with myself?

This is a wonderful time to recommit to discovering your own body and its capacity for pleasure. If you’ve forgotten what it feels like to connect to your own feelings, desires and wants, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Take a long bubble bath and play with the feeling of the water on your skin

  • Give yourself a foot massage (maybe with some peppermint foot cream) and have gratitude for your feet

  • Put on your favourite dance song and shake your booty, or anything else you like!

  • Brush your hair or massage your scalp and notice how it feels

  • Create some privacy and set up a mirror so you can really look at yourself, maybe naked! Notice at least one part of your body that you think is beautiful, even if its just your earlobe!

  • Explore your genitals, use oil or lube, take time to explore the sensation and feel, don’t just rush to ‘get somewhere’, its not necessary to even be aroused, just include this part of your body in your awareness of ‘self’

I have noticed that being willing to commit to a dedicated time to focus on my body, makes me feel important. I am making myself and my pleasure, a priority.

This is no small feat in our modern day lives, where everything else competes for our attention. It is easy to feel pulled in many directions, and end up exhausted and depleted. The ultimate self care, is to actually make time for yourself and your own body, to take time to feel good.

If you do nothing else, this prioritizing your own self, your body, your pleasure, will benefit all aspects of your life. You will feel energized, centred and in balance like no external ‘thing’ or ‘person’ can give you the experience of.

If you haven’t paid much attention to your own needs and desires in recent weeks with the holidays, now is the time to recommit to YOU!

May your pleasure become a  fulfilling and self sustaining practice,

With love,


If you would like help creating a pleasure practice or expanding your possibilities for pleasure, book a free consult with me. I’d be honoured to support you with this or any other concerns in your relationships, your erotic life or your body experiences.