It’s really about giving ourselves choice

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Today I was reminded of this by a client.

I work with people to uncover their hidden tensions, release their emotional holdings, unwind their traumas, and usually we follow this path with the body as far as we can. But today was different.

I was given the wonderful opportunity to have an older client actually stop me, and explain that she didn’t want to spend any more time in her pain. She was familiar and understood that she had much childhood trauma, and that she had by no means ‘uncovered’ it all. However, she realized that she only had so much time left in this lifetime, and she wanted to spend it enjoying herself.

For her, enjoying her life, meant letting some of the ‘crap’ in her body just stay there. She explained that she was mostly happy, she enjoyed her partner, her travelling, and her daily walks. If she was younger, she said, she might have wanted to uncover more, to integrate more of her traumatic childhood, to ‘do more of her inner work’. But she was content to live as she was, and she was confident enough in her choice to explain this to me and ask for my help to maintain the status quo.

She wanted to feel good in the present moment, without me or her body taking her down the rabbit hole of past experiences.

I told her that I absolutely honoured her choice, because you see, it was a choice! She had done enough self awareness work to know her options, and to decide with clarity what she wanted.

She had freedom of choice for herself!

And really, that is what it is all about, I understood in that moment. If we know we are choosing to live the way we are, then we are not being imprisoned by the past, or the worry of the future.

The choice is always there, for us to make again, or differently, or change our minds if we want to. But today, she chose to ask me for bodywork that would make her feel nurtured and supported in her choice to stay exactly as she was.

I found this inspiring and enlightening. I have been known to obsess about ‘working through my stuff’ and ‘processing’, to the point that I don’t do anything else. While I may come to a lot of clarity and awareness, this often is a tricky way I can avoid the pleasures of the present moment, every day, the simple stuff.

So choice really is the thing. Have enough knowledge and awareness to choose, for ourselves, what we want. Not to be unwittingly led by our habits, by our culture, by our shame, by our fears.

This is exactly why I have created an intro online self reflective course.

Radical Responsibility- The Power Of Choice

To take responsibility for ourselves and our actions, requires us to realize we are choosing how we experience life. My client today reminded me that choice can be powerful, even if we don’t all make the same one!

So keep your eyes peeled for the launch of my new course. I’m excited to share it with you!

Meanwhile, if you are interested to discuss working with me personally or with a partner, book a free consult on my website,

In pleasure and choice