Capitalism that values inner life


We need to put our capitalist values to work for the betterment of our emotional intelligence.

For years now, we as a culture here in the West have really idealized capitalist values. And don’t get me wrong, the ideals themselves are not good or bad, but the question is, have we really taken ourselves in the right direction?

We have never in history, been such a materialistic society, bombarded constantly with messages to buy or acquire more stuff. Running the rat race is beginning to wear us down, and yet we are constantly made to feel that if we just own the next ‘thing’, we will feel happy and fulfilled.

“Buy these shoes, and you will be walking on air”

“Buy this car, and you will feel invincible”

“Buy this chocolate bar, and you will know pleasure”

Are these claims true? Do they really serve us as human beings?

Alain de Botton made this point in a Ted Talk I watched recently. He pointed out that the ‘feelings’ we were trying desperately to ‘acquire’ could not be bought with merely more stuff. We would have to begin thinking about buying psychotherapy or coaching, or other methods of actually learning to ‘feel’ the way we wanted to feel.

Emotional intelligence as a commodity could be something our capitalist society could see the importance of. I would also add that spiritual fulfillment would also be something to look at as an important commodity.

Buying therapy or healing programs could become the future investments that we, as a capitalist culture, could place value on. Improving our inner selves will be seen in the same light as we see importance placed on the external and shallow things these days.

This movement away from how things appear on the surface, to a deeper meaning and a valuing of emotional and spiritual parts of ourselves, would be an important shift our culture needs to make. We cannot continue on this path of meaningless ‘stuff’ without dooming ourselves to more of a disconnect with this our true divine nature.

Some of us are becoming aware of this deep-seated pain and lack of connection. We are realizing there is something to heal in the collective consciousness. Learning to feel our feelings, and express them with clarity and discernment is a step towards reconnecting with deeper parts of ourselves.

We can harness the power of capitalism, switch our values onto more than material goods, and thus bring our culture into a 21st century that I for one, would want to be a part of.

Have you felt called lately to value or even pay for something that betters your inner life, and not just your outer appearance? You are sensing this subtle shift that could take humanity in a new direction.

What if advertising focussed on acquiring values, emotional or spiritual intelligence, relationships skills? How would our culture be different?

If this shift resonates with you, if you are sick of the material focus of capitalism, take action. Book a session with me and let’s work on integrating your inner and outer core values. Let’s discover what your feelings and your body have to inform you about who you are and what you are here to do.

Let’s make our system work to create a future we want to be part of, based on connection, compassion and inner values.

Let’s talk,