How do I know its my intuition


One of the questions I hear about most often from the people I work with is

“How do I know what my intuition is telling me?”

How do we know the difference between intuition and fantasizing? Haven’t we all sat on the couch wishing for a better life, a more understanding partner, a family who appreciated us for the amazing being we truly are? Sometimes we even get excited about trying something new, we know we need to change and we jump at whatever comes our way.

Is this the most effective way to attain those inner goals we have?

I’ve personally found that there are many reasons I jump into a new opportunity that have nothing to do with intuition. Sometimes it is outright rebellion. The ‘I’ll show them’ kind of attitude that had me taking off around the world in my 20’s, going to circus school, auditioning for London Contemporary Dance school. Even important decisions were sometimes made in this haphazard, ‘close your eyes and leap’ kind of way. Looking back, I think I married my husband out of this place of ‘that could be exciting and different,’ mixed with a little ‘I can prove I’m desirable to myself and everyone else by wedding this guy.’

The truth is though, that making life decisions from a place of ‘this could make things different’, while not really caring WHAT the difference is, is bound to lead one down many meandering paths.

So how do we know when our inner compass is pointing us in a direction or not?

Well, funny thing is, the compass needle often makes us feel kind of uncomfortable. Not the huge red flag, ‘this is a really bad idea’ kind of discomfort. Not the discomfort that comes when you are pleasing someone else and doing what you think they want you to do. No, this is a discomfort that bubbles in your gut. It lets you know that this might bring with it a change, a change in the way other people see you and relate to you. You might not belong to your old group of friends and family anymore. There is just a hint of trepidation and anticipation mixed with a little grief.

When you really set your mind to changing, for the better, stepping out of your past stories and embracing your future, you shake things up. People around you want you back, they want to pull you back into your cosy status quo that doesn’t require anyone to think or change. THEY don’t want to change and they don’t want to lose you either.

So, you have a choice. There is always a choice.

You can go back, meekly denying your own destiny, and agreeing to be a puppet in other people’s lives.


You can bravely step into your future ideal self. You take that bubbly feeling of fear and anticipation and you listen. You get really quiet and you ask yourself, “What do I want?”

Only you can know the answer for sure. Intuition is your own personal power. No one else can tell you what to do, or what it is saying. BUT, people will sit up and take notice when you follow it. You will take a trembling step forward, and things start to happen, signs show up. You decide to take a course, and then a cheque shows up in the mail you weren’t expecting, your kid decides to finally move out, leaving a room in your house for you to make an office, your friend is downsizing and gives you supplies you will need. Stuff like that!

Making the choice always comes with that slight fear. Ever heard the phrase ‘anything worth doing is just a bit scary’? It’s true.

So when you feel that feeling, that trembling deep in your stomach, that knowing that this is something you HAVE to do. Listen!

Get really still and listen. Ask your heart what it is afraid of, and if that thing is something you want to let stop you from claiming your power and destiny. Your future!

Whenever I talk to a potential client, I ask them, ‘What makes you tremble?’ ‘What calls to your heart with that insistence that won’t be silenced?’ ‘What wakes you up at night?’

If they answer that knowing and loving themselves calls to them.

Finally knowing their own worth makes them tremble, and what wakes them up at night is the dream that they can have true respect and intimacy in their relationships, then I know we are a fit and I can help.

So, if you are reading this and feeling just a little edgy. If that quiet but insistent voice is nudging you in the back of your mind. Book a call to talk to me! It’s free, and will bring you amazing clarity on what your dream is and what’s standing in your way. And if I can help you over the bridge of fear to claim your destiny, I promise I will.

If you can’t find a time that works for you, email me at

With power and passion,