Mother Nature is so out there with her sexuality

JULY 5 2018.png

Have you taken a walk outside lately? Smelled the fresh, earthy scent of Spring? Noticed the buds everywhere straining to reach out and blossom?

I recently returned from my second Somatic Sex Educator training course out in Salt Spring Island, and I was struck by the luscious, erotic energy all around me in nature.

The colours were vivid, the smells earthy, the sun warm on my skin, and the breeze, deliciously cool. It left me awestruck at how much beauty is around us all the time. Mother Nature doesn’t hold back with her beauty, her sexuality, her ‘selfness’, it’s just all out there!

It made me think about humans, especially as we become adults. We often spend much more of our time closing ourselves off, staying hidden, not letting ourselves be truly seen, than we do at bursting out in all our glory.

Why? Why do we continue to let shame, guilt, fear, and all those things, keep us hidden away? If Mother Nature is not ashamed of all her dirt, why should we be?

Of course, I know this is all easy to say. Many of us have thought about this, and probably even try to be authentic, honest, out there with who we really are. Sometimes it works and sometimes not so much. I know this as much as anyone.

But a key seems to be to be able to admire the beauty that is there in front of us. Imagine looking at a beautiful lake, sparkling in the sun, with mountains rising up behind. What would run through our mind, would we be criticizing the way the trees weren’t symmetrically lined up on the hillside? Would we be thinking the shade of blue of the water wasn’t quite right? Would we be judging the mountain for not being the right shape?

Of course not.

Then why, when we look in the mirror, is it any different?

We are a beautiful creation as well. We are perfect the way we are. We don’t have to change our shape, change our look, makeup, hair, clothes, emotions, or anything, to be seen.

If we truly looked at ourselves the way we look at Mother Nature, we might find more acceptance and self-love. We might see beauty and vivid, colourful ‘me-ness’ that cannot be replicated. We might be willing to be ‘out there’ with our own divine sexuality, life force energy. We might be willing to let our tender buds show, burst forth and blossom.

This was my lesson, that morning on Salt Spring Island, as I walked to class. Mother Nature teaches so gracefully. Nothing is ever forced, she just puts it all out there, and lets you see what you want to.

My challenge to you today, is to take a walk, go out in nature and see what I’m talking about. Imagine how we might embody this ourselves, take the lesson and learn it.

I’d love to see pictures or hear about your experiences. Comment here, or on my Facebook page.

Yours with bursting beauty,