Divorce the story and marry the truth.

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Whatever you need to do, divorce the story and marry the truth.

This saying struck me recently as being a great mantra to live by. We make up so many stories, about ourselves, about why we are in the place we are, about what people think of us, about what we are destined to do. Most of us live in our stories all of the time!

Have you caught yourself thinking something like “I wonder why my partner didn’t call me...they must be busy... I wonder what they could be busy with that’s more important than me...its probably that gorgeous new girl that’s working at their office... probably they stopped to talk after work... maybe they went for a drink... I don’t think he would go without calling me... unless he didn’t want to tell me what he was doing... maybe he knew I’d be mad... he knew I wanted to go to that movie tonight and now its too late.... he is probably flirting with that woman... I’m so mad at him... how could he do that to me? ..”

Recognize the runaway thoughts that make up the stories we spend most of our time listening to? The type of stories we tell ourselves are directly related to our past experiences. Notice the important thing there... PAST... we are making up stories about our present and future experiences by what happened to us in the past. Taking our past and putting it in front of us is the best way to keep having the same experiences over and over again.

Think about that.

If you have awesome experiences in your past and you are satisfied with re-living the same ones over and over, then carry on! Most of us, however, are not completely satisfied with our past and are hoping to have a better future. So for those of us who want something new, I’m talking to you!

Divorce the story and marry the truth. Let the old stories go, stop the incessant mind chatter and listen to the truth of the present moment. When you get really quiet, you may even hear the call of the future, a new and exciting and ultimately more ideal future that is waiting for you.

The truth is we are all divine beings, and we have a life mission calling us to offer our gifts to the world. This is my belief at least. The truth is that The Universe / God whatever you call the creative force, didn’t create garbage. The stories that keep us stuck in the past, don’t usually help us to become our ideal selves. The truth is we are all amazing, and any lack of self esteem we feel is just another story we tell ourselves from the past.

I wanted to add this perspective and awareness to this month’s discussion of self-esteem because it can make or break your relationships. Reflect on the stories you tell yourself, and then ask whether this is the truth or not.

I look forward to hearing your insights and breakthroughs.

Write me a comment and let me know,

With love