The True Challenge Of Equality

The True Challenge of Equality - May 3 2018.png

A passion of mine is to work towards true equality and understanding between people of different gender, sexuality, race, financial means, ability. This may seem like a big dream, and it is, but it is also possible if we change a few beliefs. Our culture is built on inequality, and competition feeds the feeling that only one side can win, and if you’re not winning then you are losing.

For centuries, women have been on the losing side, and it is tempting to think that if we want to have power, we should be the ‘winning side’. It is all too easy to keep the same ingrained and largely subconscious belief structure and just switch out the places of the players. Women gain power and confidence, men take second place, and any other smaller, social groups battle it out for the crumbs.

Does this help us achieve equality? Does it lead to more peaceful relationships? Does it lead to happiness or more joy? The answer is, I believe, a resounding NO. Any group who is still clambering to move up the ladder of power is still climbing the same ladder.

Many people have tried to envision a utopian society, one that honours all beings, and so far, we have not managed to create one, at least not in any scaleable version. Maybe competition is just human nature, maybe we are just animals at the core, fighting for limited resources.

This, I believe, is just a way to excuse our situation, our selfish behaviour. Many great thinkers, healers, and scientists have come to the conclusion that we have infinite power to create our own realities. Things like abundance and manifestation are terms we like to throw about. The fact that we create our own realities is another idea people have reflected on.

Is it true? Well, that depends on your perspective and the reality you are creating. And this is where it gets tricky, because how many of us know what our core beliefs really are?

Well, our true, core beliefs, as a people, are reflected in our society. So if we want to know what is inside our heads, in general, we just need to look at what is manifesting at the moment in the world. Scary? Depressing? Unfair? Mean? Yes, all of those things are showing up.

I’m an optimist at heart though, or I like to think so. I like to believe humans are essentially good, and we will get our act together before we self-destruct. However, I am not unrealistic, and looking around, I see many things that do not reflect the kind of hope and love I would like to see in the world.

So what is to be done? Well to circle back to the beginning, if we are looking for true equality and respect among different people, we can’t fight for that in the old way. The competition and power-mongering will not give us peace and harmony, it has been shown many times in history.

We have to find a new way to develop true understanding and love.

In particular, as I begin offering my new course for women who have been emotionally abused, I am endeavouring to remember this. Whatever you have endured, whatever you have been through, it is not the answer to just turn the tables. It doesn’t help to ‘give them a taste of their own medicine’, revenge is not the answer.

We are seeking a deeper healing through all of this chaos. It asks us to look within ourselves and root out these core beliefs that we have unconsciously taken on. This is the true work of radical activism. The outer world reflects the inner self. There is work to be done in both spheres of course, but the real change comes from within.

Take a few minutes today, and reflect on a pattern you have seen in your own life. Maybe you hold the keys to this in your own being, to either change it or let it go, or keep it if it serves your highest self.

Let me know how that goes! Share your story on my page on facebook, ‘Pleasure for Health’, or email me back and let me know if I can share it with you. We are all in this together, so let’s work together on a solution.

With love,