Body Hack ...For Authentic Healing

March 22 2018.png

So you may be wondering what I’m talking about since most of the time I’m going on about authentic healing taking time and effort. How can you speed up or assist the process, by hacking the system, isn’t this cheating?

Well, yes and no, is the short answer. Let me explain what I mean.

Sometimes we have worked on self-awareness enough to have a basic idea of what we are feeling and how that presents in our physical body. We have embraced the idea that there are many levels where we get stuck or have issues, and that transformation and healing can happen in all these places.

And then.... life happens... and we shut down. It’s too much. We feel overwhelmed. The darkness descends and we fear never getting out of this place alive.

I hear this kind of thing fairly often in my practice. Sometimes life just sucks and we are too tired to try and ‘fix’ anything else, or ‘understand’ or ‘forgive’. We are just done.

That’s when we need a body hack. Something easy that can get to the core of things without so much effort on our part. Something that just helps us feel better, right now!

So, as I was working with a client this morning, I was presented with this scenario. Her partner is dying, she is caretaker, and she is exhausted and grieving. She misses the little things, the hand on her back, the coffee poured for her in the morning. And then I had my aha thought!

What if, she could recreate for her body, one thing that it missed? What if she could give it the good feeling, even if it was not coming from her partner anymore. Her body could still have the feeling, and this could help calm her mind. A body hack!

I could feel her body loved the feel of my hand on her back, the warmth, comfort, the feeling that someone ‘has your back’, so to speak. I offered her a suggestion based on this feedback from her body. I said, “What if you could set up a pillow, or make a nest of pillows, and then lean back into them, and let your back really feel supported. Maybe that would allow you to relax into that feeling for a few minutes.”

There is nothing that I know of, that works as well in relaxing the mind and emotions as getting the body comfortable. You might even call it ‘Pleasure’. Once the body has released its chronic need to stay on guard, you have a chance of letting down and letting go of pent up emotions and thoughts that keep you in a constant state of shut-down and overwhelm.

You have a few peaceful moments to start the healing process.

So, go ahead, try it. Get your body in a position and a place where it feels safe. Allow yourself to physically let go, and then see if that changes your mental state also. If so, then the hack worked!

There are as many ways to feel comfort as there are people, so try something else, if that feels right for you. Let me know how it goes!

With love