In The Beginning Was The Word


An interesting statement I’ve been reflecting on. The idea that an idea comes first, without having a form yet, it is just a word, in our head, or heart, or in the divine womb, however you want to picture that. However, it is whole, in this state. There has not yet been a separation of form and vision.

This speaks to the idea of creation and how through the process of bringing something into form, there is a separation inherent in that process. The creator and the created, if you will.

This separation, even at this primal level, creates fear and a need or desire to re-unite in oneness. This creation story is often told as the divine being separating into maleness and femaleness, leading people to have an innate sense to want to re-unite these energies and become whole again.

We could also experience this separateness from ‘God’, and our desire to ‘come home’ to the oneness of dissolving into the divine energy once again.

It is also spoken in many traditions of a time where ‘all will be one again’  or the ‘divine marriage’ will occur and truth will be remembered. In the remembering, the vision is accomplished and the form and the source become one again.

Many people are feeling that now is the time.

So, I also heard a talk recently by a transgender spiritual teacher, who was saying much the same thing. They were embodying the oneness of male and female within their own body even!

It occurs to me that the challenge of this time, right now, is to embrace the oneness that is all of us, and remember the truth of who we are. Where the masculine and the feminine are no longer at war with each other, but embracing in love.

For a while now, I have been looking at these energies, of masculine and feminine, as separate things. And although, my work often revolves around bringing balance between these two forces, they have remained two separate entities in my mind.

I am wondering if it is time for a new way of thinking and being with these concepts.

Maybe now is the time to imagine these two energies intertwining and supporting each other in a way that cannot be separated by fear of ‘other’.

I have a new respect for the many beings who are expressing this idea in their physical bodies, so that the rest of us can learn to see and experience this concept.

I don’t have any answers yet, I am only aware of the shift in my being, as I recognize a truth to which I haven’t before been as cognizant.

How are you experiencing this unity or coming together of male and female? Vision and form? Essence and spirit?

Let’s start an exploration.

As always, my invitation is to reply or comment on my blog with your own thoughts, and to reach out to work with me, if you feel you would like support in exploring the essence of who you are as a sexual being.

With unifying love,