In-Person Coaching

Book a personal coaching or bodywork session with me to dive more deeply into the somatic exercises. These sessions may include but are not limited to the following:

  • pelvic scar release

  • myofascial release

  • masturbation coaching

  • genital mapping

  • breathwork

  • trauma informed touch and boundary exercises

  • bioenergetic exercises to enhance energy flow in the body

In person sessions allow more possibility for quick and lasting changes. Working with a practitioner is often the missing link in a client’s journey towards more intimacy and pleasure. It is common for a client to progress from online sessions to in person coaching, as they become more comfortable with the process of intimacy coaching.

Fee: $150 for 90 minutes or $200 per 120 minute session . Partners may be included for an additional $30. (Discount available for package of 3)


"In-person coaching resolves the missing link on the clients journey toward intimacy."

Ailsa Keppie


What clients have said...


Without judgement...
Ailsa was gentle and compassionate when I came to see her for therapy. She allowed me to work through my stuff in my own way without judgement. I truly appreciated her presence and support. — M.M

Thank you so much for your treatment on Friday. My breast feels normal - actually better than normal - I think you  shifted some of the deepest scar. Marie Koehler

“Over time, Ailsa has helped me to trust more and more how my own body serves as an important source of information. In striving to release painful 'hang-ups', to soften my rough, calloused soul-edges, and to become attuned to ever more gentle nuances of joy and happiness in my life, I have found her skill and her insights to be incredibly supportive and healing.  It is an on-going process for which I am increasingly grateful every day, as I see the effects not only in my own life but in the lives of those closest to me also."  — M.B.K.

‘I have been with my partner for ten years…
For the longest time I complained that the chemistry had died!  I found the lack of “passion” very scary, maybe this wasn’t my soul mate; maybe this marriage would not last.

I shared my plight with Ailsa.

Her wisdom had me reevaluating my definitions of partnership, passion and chemistry.  

I realized that chemistry had been replaced with trust; passion for contented joy and my partnership did not need drama to propel it forward.  I could love my friend and have red-hot sex guilt free.  

Thank you Ailsa for your guidance and for helping me realize that what my partner and I share is true intimacy.

You have brought peace to my heart!’ A.M.