Myofascial release is a way of connecting to the body in a profound way. As a therapist you will be able to engage with the tissue at the barrier, and allow change and healing to happen, right under your hands. This communication between practitioner and client, and between the cells of the client’s own body, facilitate transformation and release of old patterns, toxins and beliefs that have held the body prisoner to restrictive forces, sometimes for years.

This light, gentle technique will greatly enhance your skills as a bodyworker, and give you powerful options in your work with clients. Even your own awareness will increase, as you touch in on the sacredness of the interconnectedness of life, through the wisdom of the body.


In this training, you will learn:

  • Basic bodywork techniques to balance the sympathetic nervous system

  • A bodywork sequence for the whole body

By learning how to incorporate more hands-on work into your sessions with clients, you will:

  • feel more confident with your bodywork skills and learn new techniques

  • experience the power of myofascial release and improve your palpation skills

  • learn about myofascial unwinding and increase your understanding of the fascial system to deepen your ability to work with genital de-armouring and scar release as well as overall tension

  • practice your touch skills and have the opportunity to receive touch from colleagues

  • review and practice ways to keep yourself ergonomically safe and healthy while working with clients on the table

  • review the scope of practice guidelines, what we can offer with integrity and when we should refer to other professionals



$400 for 2 full days, 15 hours (pre-approved as an elective for SSE training)

Upcoming Dates:

Toronto dates confirmed July 6/7, 2019

Victoria dates tentatively September 16-17, 2019

A deposit of $100 is required to hold your spot, the balance is due on or before the course commences. Payments can be made by etransfer to or Ailsa can send a paypal invoice to you by email which can be paid with debit or credit, please email for the link.

**(If the price is prohibitive to you attending and you have a burning desire to participate, please contact Ailsa to discuss options)

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*Important note:

Please be aware that this training does not equip you to offer therapeutic massage as a modality. We will strictly be learning basic relaxation and touch techniques to enhance your current practice. This weekend does not focus on genital massage specifically, as this is covered in the SSE training, but we will incorporate all areas of the body in the myofascial work with demos and practice. External genital work is a possible choice for work and gloves will be available.  We will be incorporating and engaging the whole body in the training, participants may choose to be clothed, semi-clothed or unclothed. Consent to touch and be touched within the weekend is assumed during practice sessions with partners, and we will be asking each other for guidance and comfort level of each technique only. If you think you may have broader issues around touch, please contact Ailsa directly to discuss your needs before signing up for the course, to see if this is the right fit for you. (

“I am passionate about helping people move from disconnection and dis-ease towards health and vitality through providing a safe space to explore your unique desires and sense of self."      — Ailsa Keppie

“I am passionate about helping people move from disconnection and dis-ease towards health and vitality through providing a safe space to explore your unique desires and sense of self."

— Ailsa Keppie


Ailsa Keppie has a diverse background with over 8 years of experience as both a teacher and practitioner in body awareness therapies, energy work, physical theatre, and training in sexuality and trauma release.

Ailsa is currently enrolled in the Somatic Sex Educator program and has made this introductory course specifically relevant to SSE practitioners and students. The course is open to the general public with a zoom call interview with Ailsa as a prerequisite to see if it is a suitable choice for both the participant and the group.


What clients have said...

Ailsa has been a God send for me...change this!

"Through her caring, treatments, and easy-going demeanour, I have, I believe, experienced feelings, emotions and a general sense of wellbeing. I now long for more sessions and a better sense of “normal” as I have been stuck for way too long." — S.S.